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Projectal gets your team on the same page, working off the same real-time data to deliver your projects on time and on budget.

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The pain points at creative studios today:

Bidding guesswork

Bidding Guesswork

Accurate bids are critical, but bidding spreadsheets rely heavily on guesswork and magic formulas. Two bidding producers will typically produce two different estimates and will rarely incorporate actual numbers from previous projects. This causes a studio enormous financial pain during the production and delivery phases of a project.

Profit margins at risk

Profit Margins at Risk

Projects today are based on cost-plus pricing. When projects and employees are not managed effectively within a studio, profit margins can quickly dwindle. In most cases, inefficiencies in project and staff management are caused by the use of off-the-shelf software or cumbersome homegrown tools.

Projectal understands your pain points
Staff resourcing issues

Staffing Headaches

Studio management teams lack visibility and tools to determine which employees are best suited for current and future projects and tasks. This results in under-allocation, over-allocation, and poor planning of a studio's staff pool.

Reporting issues

Endless Update Meetings

With no single source of trustworthy project and staff data, studios often find themselves in recurring daily and weekly meetings to make sure tasks are kept on track. This directly affects productivity, leading to team friction and mistakes.

Projectal has the answers.

Our industry-leading AI and Machine Learning features will solve your pain points.

Finally, a tool that helps you run your studio.

Projectal unifies your data and team, providing a seamless and efficient workflow for a variety of creative studios, including advertising agencies, animation companies, event and entertainment businesses, game developers, metaverse creators, sound studios, VFX studios, and virtual production teams.

Project scheduling

Planning & Scheduling

Use fully interactive task sheets, Gantt charts and Kanban boards. Add deadlines, constraints and source material from customers. Use auto scheduling to optimize your project.

Change requests

Change Requests

Quickly change your project schedule due to change requests. Perform what-if scenarios to understand effect on costs and timing. Full history of all changes are stored.


Delivering On Time, On Budget

Create your own dashboards to know when deliverables are ready. Get alerts when milestones occur. Monitor budget vs. actuals.

Post mortems

Post Mortems

At project completion, review the full history of projects to know what went right and wrong. Review budget vs. actuals. Review staff performance.

Everyone at your studio benefits from Projectal.

Connect Projectal to all your tools.

The Projectal API and Python client library allows connectors to be created to fully integrate the workflow and tools used by your business.

Projectal API Data In

Data In

Projectal automatically imports data from your creative tools, along with your HR, timesheet and finance systems.

Projectal API Webhooks

Real-Time Sync

Keep the data in your tools in sync and up-to-date with Projectal's API and webhooks.

Projectal API Data Export

Data Out

Export financial data and staff working hours from Projectal to your finance and payroll systems.

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Bamboo HR
Google Docs
Microsoft Office 365
Off-the-shelf tools and spreadsheets are no longer sufficient in creative studios. Projectal is best-in-class software that will modernize your studio's operations.

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CEO, JanusKS

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