Tracking your projects with Projectal

Tracking a project's progression is critical to understanding if your projects are on time and on budget.

Projectal captures all the data throughout a project and lets you know how your projects are progressing.

Global and project-level dashboards display key information in real-time including:

Active tasks and active staff
Budget vs. actual charts
Alerts when tasks are late starting or finishing
Alerts when tasks are becoming over budget
Alerts when milestones are reached
Kanban summary

Keep your project up-to-date

Quickly update task data with task sheets

Keeping your project up-to-date is critical if you want to get key information about how your project is tracking. Use Projectal's task sheets to quickly update the progress, estimated time to complete (ETC) and actual duration for time spent on tasks to get real-time updates on progress and budget vs. actuals.

Macro tracking or micro tracking

Zoom in or out for the right details

Zoom out to track the progress of high-level summary tasks in your projects or zoom in to track the progress of all tasks. Turn on or off task columns and save as Task views for quick recall. Export task views for customer-facing progress reports.

Track the data you want to see

Track only the tasks that match an attribute filter

Create data views that filter projects and tasks by certain attributes. For example, for head of departments, create data views that filter tasks by their skills or assigned staff.

Add notes to tasks and projects

Quickly make notes about projects and tasks

Adding notes to projects and tasks keeps the project team up-to-date with the latest task information — such as feedback from customers. Projectal lets you quickly add and edit multiple notes per project and per task so all changes are recorded.

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