Projectal takes the guesswork out of project bidding

Projectal has all the tools to help you create accurate bids for all your upcoming projects.

No longer is bidding based on simple guesswork or using your bespoke spreadsheets.

Extensive bidding features have been incorporated into Projectal from the ground up.

No more Excel spreadsheets when bidding with Projectal.

Bidding on projects is key to your business success

Project bidding is estimating the time and costs for an upcoming project. Before deciding to undertake a project, you must know if it makes sense for your business to take the project on. In order to negotiate on an upcoming project with a customer, you must create a bid for the project. Accurate bidding on upcoming projects leads to better business outcomes:

Sustained profitability on projects
Reduced chance of project blowouts
Keeps your team allocated at all times
Lets you plan ahead including hiring staff, contractors and equipment
Removes individual bias and guesswork when bidding
Makes for informed decision making — i.e. "Should we take this project on or not?"

Import customer requirement documents directly into Projectal

No more copy and pasting customer requirements into spreadsheets or project management tools. Projectal has intelligent importing of customer requirements documents so you can have an initial project plan up and running in minutes.

Machine learning auto detects tables within documents and analyzes document content into project data such as task name, task description, milestones and more.

Task templates will become your trusted friend

Once you get started with Projectal, you will start creating task templates that represent snippets of work required to complete parts of a project. You can re-use your task templates time and time again in projects. Accessing tasks templates is a click away in Projectal. Task templates become trusted components when bidding on a project since you know they are accurate in costs and time.


Learn from past projects

The more projects you put into Projectal, the more knowledge is stored about how your business runs its projects. All this project knowledge is available to you when bidding on upcoming projects. This becomes a gold mine of information that you can quickly refer to when bidding.


Hitting customer deadlines

Many customers will demand a fixed deadline when the project must be completed. Projectal always shows you the estimated duration for a project and its tasks in real time. This lets you make sure you are meeting customer milestones and deadlines when bidding. You can quickly change key factors in your project bid to see the effect on meeting milestones and deadlines.

Fixed price bids

Matching fixed price bids

Some customers may have a fixed price requirement for a project. Projectal helps you to make accurate judgements on whether your business can accept a customer's fixed price. Projectal always shows you the estimated costs for a project and its tasks in real time. You can quickly change key factors in your project bid to see the effect on project costs.

Assign staff and resources

Staff and Resource Assignment

Understanding the staff and resource needs for a project can be key when bidding to decide whether your business takes on the project. Projectal lets you assign real staff to your project bid, or assign generic staff (with gang rates or rate cards) if actual staffing assignments are not necessary during project bidding. Staff usage and availability is displayed in real time. Crew sheets can be exported for a project for HR planning purposes.

Tweaking bids with what-if scenarios

Whilst bidding, you can quickly change different key factors in your project to try to better fit your bid to the customer's requirements or to reach a better outcome for your business. Factors include changing task templates, task duration, staff and resource allocation, skill levels, staff working hours, complexity and more.

Rebates and Discounts

Rebates and Discounts

If your industry has rebates or tax incentives, then you may want to use these to make your project bids more attractive to customers. You may also want to apply discounts on certain tasks within a project. Projectal allows you to create and apply rebates, tax incentives and discounts to projects and their tasks. You can quickly view detailed information about gross and net costs for projects and tasks.

Export project bids

Export project bids

You may often need to send a formal response back to a customer after completing your project bid. When you are happy with your project bid in Projectal, you can simply export the project bid as an XLS spreadsheet. This lets you prepare a formal response to your customer in your preferred document format.

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