How to effectively manage change requests

Changes always occur in projects. Sometimes changes are small and just need a minor tweak to a task or project. Sometimes changes are major and require you to create a new project plan.

Projectal contains extensive features to help you manage change requests as they occur in your projects. You have flexibility to make any type of change, see the effects on time and costs, and have a full audit trail for all the changes made in the project from start to finish.

Change requests

Change requests

Adjusting a project for major changes

When a major change occurs in your project, you will need to re-plan your project to accommodate the change requests. This simply means using Projectal's planning features again to scope out the changes. You may want to use generic staff in your adjusted plan to determine budgets for the changes. Once approved, you can assign real staff to the new or adjusted tasks.


Experimenting with what-if scenarios

You may want to try various factors such as different number of staff, different staffing expertise levels and extra working hours to see the effect on the time and costs for the adjusted project plan. The results are shown in real-time on budget vs. actual charts and task sheets.


Keep a full history of all your changes

Projectal's time machine features always record all the changes in a project so that you can always see what was done yesterday, last week, last month or last year. This is very useful when you want to compare a project before and after major changes occur in your projects.

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