Post mortems

Improve your business by conducting project post mortems

There are gold nuggets in your completed projects that can help you improve how you manage future projects.

Some may be positives such as accurate bidding, on-budget outcomes and on-time outcomes.

Some may be weaknesses such as under estimating tasks, under resourced tasks and poor ETC values.

All identified points should be used to improve your future projects.

Projectal helps you to identify these points and lets you capture these improvements as heuristics for future projects.

Projectal will become your 'Source of Truth'

If you wish to conduct a post mortem after a project has completed, then you need a singular set of data for that project.

Projectal records all changes in a project from bidding, planning, scheduling, change requests through to completion. You have the full history of what changes were made, who made them and when the changes were made. You can go back to any point in time in your project to review the state of the project at that time.

This provides a source of truth for all staff members to conduct a balanced post mortem.

Improve by learning

Improve with heuristics

Heuristics are snippets of knowledge that you know is true and you know works. Projectal lets you record heuristics as task templates. You can create any number of task templates and insert them quickly into your projects. When a project has completed, your team may identify sequences of tasks that can be re-used many times over for similar type tasks. Simply save these sets of tasks as task templates in Projectal. Task templates become trusted components and can be used at bidding time for more accurate time and costs, and at planning / scheduling time for more accurate schedules and staff assignments.

Estimated time to complete

Adjust Estimated Time To Complete (ETC) values

During a project, you will ask staff for the ETC value to complete a task. Estimating times is a personality affected activity. Some staff will over estimate the time to complete a task and some staff will under estimate. Reviewing tasks in Projectal will show you staff that are consistently over estimating or under estimating. This knowledge can be used in future projects to make for more accurate bids, plans and schedules.

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