Knowing when project deliverables are due and are ready

You will typically need to complete and hand over deliverables several times throughout your projects.

Projectal lets you define when deliverables need to be handed over to your customers and lets you quickly monitor their progress.



Set milestones when you need to deliver

You can add milestones into your project plans and project schedule so that you always know when deliverables are due.

Projectal will notify you in your project dashboards when milestones are fast approaching or when they are overdue.

Gantt charts

Stay informed all the way

When you need to know the progress of a deliverable in your project, task sheets and Gantt charts will give you the full picture.

You can customize task sheets and Gantt charts to include the columns of data you need and you can save your task sheets and Gantt charts as your own custom views to quick recall at a later date.

Scheduling with task predecessors and dependencies

Often project tasks, milestones and deliverables rely on other tasks being completed first.

Projectal includes extensive features that let you link tasks and milestones together so that your team will always know what task is next to be completed.

Auto scheduling in Projectal makes sure that your project's tasks and milestones are always kept in the right order.

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