Plan your project well and watch things go smoothly

Projectal's planning features allow you to map out your project before starting to make sure you have all bases covered.

Project planning includes:
Having staff and resources available at the right time to work on tasks
Getting source material from customers on time so that tasks can be started
Optimizing the use of your staff pool
Sequencing all the dependencies on tasks when they start and complete
Making sure tasks and deliverables are completed on time
Meeting deadlines and milestones

"Our business is juggling 10 projects right now. This is getting too complex!"


The more projects and the more staff you have, the more complex project planning and resource planning becomes.

Putting all your projects in Projectal means you will always know who is busy on tasks and who is idle.

No more over allocation or under allocations!

All changes in your projects and staff allocation are updated in real time for instant viewing.

Interactive staff usage heat maps let you quickly view over allocated staff and under allocated staff and let you make on-the-fly corrections.

Staff pool

Knowing your staff pool

Projectal knows when your staff are assigned onto tasks, what days and hours they work during the week and when they are on vacation or on leave. Use Projectal's auto staff assign features to automatically assign staff with matching skills and that are available to tasks.

More staff

Help! Extra staff needed!

Use generic staff to map out an initial project plan and then assign actual staff manually or automatically. Projectal will highlight when staff are needed, when staff are over allocated or are not available. Export out crew sheets so that HR departments can begin hiring extra team members.

Skill matching

Skills matching produces better project plans

Projectal lets you add the skills and experience for all your staff. You can also add the required skills to complete tasks in a project. This lets Projectal's auto assign staff features recommend and assign the most suitable staff to tasks so that you have an optimal project plan.

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