All key project metrics are now at your fingertips

With Projectal, you can drill into your current and past projects to access any project data that you need to know.

This visibility lets you analyze and report on project performance in your business.

Data mine your projects with custom data views

There are endless possibilities for you to data mine your projects. A visual query builder makes creating data views easy. For example, you can create data views that list:

All tasks assigned to your team
Upcoming tasks requiring certain skills that you manage
All staff currently working on tasks
Resources required by staff for your company's capacity planning purposes

Data views are fully interactive and can be exported from Projectal for use in other software tools.

Share data views with your team

Create public, private, or restricted views

You can create public data views for all staff in the company. For example, a list of all the active tasks being worked on in the company across all projects. Or, you can keep data views private to yourself. For example, a list of the key financials within certain projects. Or, you can share data views with specific staff in your company. For example, as a team lead, you create a data view and share it with your team so that they have visibility on current and upcoming tasks and can run their own Kanban boards.

Integrate with other systems

Access all project data with the Projectal REST API

Using the Projectal API, you can extract any data from Projectal and share it with other systems in your workflow.

The Projectal REST API lets you access any data stored in Projectal including tasks, milestones, projects, customers, staff, resources, actual costs, estimated costs, work effort, and much more.

Get creative with charts!

After creating data views that list all the data you need to know, you can go a step further in Projectal and create great looking charts from that data. Charts are fully integrated into data views. Projectal includes support for 9 types of chart including:

Area charts
Bar charts
Bubble charts
Column charts
Doughnut charts
Histogram charts
Line charts
Pie charts
Scatter charts
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