Managing your staff on projects has just become easier

Juggling your staff and the competing demands of projects is often a very difficult process.

You must take into account when staff are available, the capabilities of each staff member and whether your staff are already allocated on tasks.

As teams get larger and your business takes on more projects, this problem gets more and more complex.

Projectal's staff usage features makes managing your staff and your projects a very simple activity.


All the tools you need to manage your staff on projects

Interactive Heat Maps

Instant view of staff allocation

If you manage a department or team, you will always want to know what tasks your staff are allocated to and any new tasks that will need to be planned. You will also need to manage situations when your staff are over-allocated or under-allocated. Projectal's Staff Usage view lets you quickly see the tasks allocated to staff over a date period such as the next 3 months. Cells marked in red indicate over-allocation and that action should be taken. Clicking on a cell lets you see what tasks are allocated and to re-assign those tasks to other staff members.

Org Charts

View staff by department, position and skills

Add your company's org chart into Projectal and place your staff into the various departments. Add the skills and experience that your staff have. Add their locations of work and work hours. This lets you view your company's staff pool by department, skills, locations, availability and more. Know when staff are joining your company or leaving your company. Pinpoint and plan for lack of skills and experience in your team.

Budget vs. Actual Charts

Real-time measurement of current costs

An important measurement in managing projects is comparing budgeted costs vs. actual costs. Projectal does this automatically. It uses the assigned staff's salary costs to determine the estimated cost for projects and tasks. It uses the actual time spent on tasks to determine the actual costs. These are displayed in real-time for instant viewing and comparison.

Projectal has a Recommendation engine that helps you to assign the right person for the job

Projectal uses AI techniques and machine learning algorithms to determine the recommended staff for tasks.

It takes into account over 10 factors when making staff assignment recommendations.

You can ask Projectal to display a list of recommended staff so you can choose your preferred staff member. Or, you can ask Projectal to auto-assign staff to a collection of tasks in a project for fast auto-leveling of staff allocations.

Projectal's Recommendation engine analyzes the following project factors:
The skills and expertise required to completed the task
The duration of the task
The start date and finish date of the task
The skills and expertise of staff
The availability and workload of staff


staff pool size

As you pick up new projects, you may need to hire new staff. As you complete projects, you may need to downsize your staff pool. Using Projectal's planning features, dashboards and staff usage views, you will know your company's staff utilization for the next 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and more.

Outsource to

external contractors

Often you may need to outsource tasks to external contractors. Projectal lets you define these external contractors and their costs and assign them to tasks. You can track their progress and costs just like you would for regular staff.

Staff and

location calendars

Add calendars to your office locations and your staff in Projectal so that Projectal knows when staff are available and not available to work on tasks. This ensures that staff are only assigned to tasks when they are available. Calendars include weekly working hours and the non-working days such as national holidays, staff vacations and staff sick leave.

Generic staff

for project planning

Projectal lets you create generic staff with gang rates (or rate cards) so that you can create your initial project plans. This helps you understand project costs, project timings and staffing requirements for upcoming projects. Projectal lets you auto replace generic staff with real staff at any time.


skills matching

You can record the skills and experience of all your staff members in Projectal so that staff will be recommended for tasks that require these skills. This optimizes staff assignments in project schedules and helps produce better project outcomes.

Add resources for

improved capacity planning

Create resources that your staff need to do their job and assign them to staff. This lets you understand how many units are required and how much they will cost in the next 3 months, 6 months and more. For example, the number of desks required, the number of software licenses, the number of computers to lease and more.

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