Project scheduling has never been easier

Scheduling projects, tasks and resources is now so much easier and more intuitive with Projectal.

Making daily changes to your schedule and understanding the full implications is often complex, slow and error prone.

Using Projectal's scheduling features makes running and monitoring your projects a breeze.

Three ways to manage and monitor your project schedule:

Task Sheets

The workhorse of project management

Task sheets are tabular sheets that list all the task data in your projects. They provide quick viewing and quick editing of task data. You can turn on or off any column, sort columns, move tasks, copy and paste tasks, save your own task views and much more.

Gantt Charts

Get a visual timeline of your project

Gantt charts show you a visual timeline of all your tasks. Gantt charts are fully interactive. You can quickly change start dates, finish dates, progress and predecessors directly. You can turn on or off any column, sort columns, save your own Gantt views and much more.

Kanban Boards

Perfect for team-based sprints

Kanban boards let your teams easily visualize the workflow of a set of tasks. Create your own Kanban boards with your preferred column stages, colors and column limits. Add tasks to your Kanban board and then let your team get to work!

Go simple or go detailed with your task information. It's your choice!

Projectal records over 30 attributes for tasks so that you can keep as much detail in your projects as you wish.

You can use a few task attributes to keep your scheduling super simple, or you can use more task attributes to keep detailed control over your projects.

Task attributes include:

Task name and description
Task image, notes and associated files
Task start date and finish date
Task estimated duration, ETC and actual duration
Task estimated costs and actual costs
Task assigned staff and resources
Task progress, complexity and priority
Task required skills
Task dependencies and constraints


Auto scheduling does the complex work for you

Auto scheduling takes into account all aspects of your project and tasks including start dates, finish dates, constraints, dependencies and staff availability. Turn on auto scheduling in your project and Projectal will always keep your project schedule in optimal shape. If you prefer, you always can set your project or its tasks to manual schedule mode.


Grab a coffee and check your project dashboard

Each project has its own dashboard in Projectal. You can customize it as you wish so that you see the information you need to know for your project. Dashboard widgets include active tasks, budget vs. actual, task alerts, Kanban summary, upcoming milestones, project staff and more.

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