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Unleash Your Projects With Projectal

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Paul Schumann Jun 24, 2021

Projectal is an AI-powered, cloud-based project management system that lets your company run its projects anywhere in the world.

Your team can work from home (WFH) or work remotely whilst travelling or work in your office locations around the world. This flexibility greatly increases the efficiencies of your projects and increases the productivity of your team. With Projectal, all team members are on the same page with full visibility on what needs to be done.

Each team member has their own login account to Projectal where they can can access their own dashboards, view their projects, tasks, milestones and more.

As a project manager or team lead, you can quickly monitor the progress of your projects, remotely assign staff to tasks, enter notes and comments, run kanban boards, update schedules, create project bids and much more.

All user accounts in Projectal have customizable access policies and permissions so that you can ensure your staff can only access features and view data that they are allowed to. For example, you probably want to limit access to the financials of your projects or the pay scales of your staff to a certain group of staff members.

Finally, all your projects are kept in one safe and secure place

With Projectal, all your projects are stored in a central, secure cloud database. And, all the data you store in Projectal is always encrypted on disk and in transit to ensure maximum security and privacy. You will no longer have multiple versions of project schedules created in MS Project or MS Excel files stored on computers throughout your company. 

The more projects you add into Projectal, the more valuable your project data becomes. Projectal can learn from your previous projects and tasks to make recommendations when you are bidding, planning or scheduling on your new projects.

Projectal runs on any device

Projectal works on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. So you will always have convenient access to your projects and tasks wherever you are.

But what about our existing tools and workflow?

If you have existing tools in your workflow, then simply use Projectal's API and webhooks to integrate Projectal into your company's workflow.  The Projectal API lets you get project data in real-time from Projectal and into your existing tools, or put data into Projectal from your existing tools.

If you need help to do this, then our Software Support team can help you integrate Projectal so it fits perfectly with the way your company does things.

Want to know more?

See to learn more about how Projectal can help improve the way your company runs its projects.