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The Projectal Developer Hub is Live!

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Paul Schumann Aug 19, 2021

The Projectal Developer Hub is now available to our customers to learn how to connect and integrate Projectal into their company's workflow and tools. Full documentation is provided for all aspects of getting data out of Projectal and putting data into Projectal.

Examples of tools that you may want to connect Projectal to are:

* Accounting software

* Asset Management software

* Creative Content Editing tools

* HR software

* Payroll software

* Timesheet software

* Task Management software

* And more!

Projectal API

The Projectal API is the published interface for Projectal. It lets software developers connect to Projectal in real-time and extract any data from Projectal and add any data into Projectal. This lets you keep Projectal and your existing software tools in-sync without the need for any double-entry.


Projectal webhooks allow client applications to subscribe to events that occur in Projectal and be alerted when these events occur. For example, a company's workflow may want to know when tasks are updated so that these updates can be transferred and kept in sync with task management software used in the company - such as Shotgrid (Shotgun) in VFX studios and Animation studios.

Need help?

Your company can use its own software team to create the client apps to connect Projectal to your existing tools. Or, we can provide our Professional Services team to do this work for you. We will analyze your existing tools and data requirements to determine what data needs to be retrieved from Projectal for your existing tools, and what data needs to be added into Projectal from your existing tools. Our team can quickly create the client apps to connect Projectal into your workflow so that your key data is always in-sync and no double entry is required.

More Information

For full information how to use Projectal API and Webhooks, click here.