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Projectal Release Notes: Version 4.1 Changelog

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Shane Workman Oct 12, 2023

Projectal version 4.1 has over 140 new improvements and fixes, including Staff & Resource Planner tools that help users see the "big picture" for resource usage at their company. Projectal 4.1 is a free update for all customers.


Staff & Resource Planner Filter: Availability - Find staff that have the required number of days available over a specified time period. For example, list the animators from your staff pool who have 3 weeks availability over the next 5 months.

Staff & Resource Planner Filter: Usage - Filter your staff pool to see only those staff that have over-allocations or have availability or are optimally booked over a specified time period. 

Staff & Resource Planner Filter: Tags - Filter and quick search using tags.

Staff & Resource Planner: Import Document - Import bookings, activities, tasks and non-work events directly into your planner from spreadsheets.

Staff & Resource Planner: Export Document - Export crew plans and resource plans as spreadsheets.

Staff & Resource Planner: Planning Alerts - Display alerts when conflicts occur with bookings, activities, tasks and non-work events.

Staff & Resource Planner: Usage Metrics - Configure which usage metrics you wish to see in your planner.

Lists - Configure the set of values you wish to use for Skill Levels, Complexity values, Priority values, Staff types and more. This lets you customize Projectal to match exactly how your ccmpany works.

Fixed Duration - New fields for projects and tasks to let you record the fixed duration of a project or task. Often called the awarded duration or bid days. Compare fixed duration with estimated duration and actual duration to gain real-time visibility if a project is running over time.

Account Management - Gain quick access to the Projectal Customer Portal via Account Management menu item under user avatar.

Permissions - New permission for hiding / showing the Lists button in Management screen and the Account Management menu item under user avatar.

Charts - 'Fit to screen' setting to ensure your chart is always drawn within the visible screen area.

Importing - Identify existing data for updating to allow you to update existing entries.

Importing from URL - In addition to importing from locally saved files, import spreadsheets and PDF documents from URLs (such as from Google Drive or Office 365).

Kallidus / Sapling - New connector to real-time sync staff details from Kallidus / Sapling HR software.

Password Validation Rules - Configure the default password formatting validation rules when users enter their passwords.


Task Templates - Inserting multiple task templates is faster and provides more insertion options.

Task Templates - Fixed Cost field is now available for tasks in task templates.

Task Templates - Task hierarchy is maintained when inserting a task template into a project.

Activities - Duplicating activities copies the stage of the activity.

History - History for projects and tasks showing more information.

Currencies - Display currency symbols for all popular currencies (USD, Euro, GBP, CAD, etc.).

Staff & Resource Planner - Improved speed and display.

Date Display - Dates are now displayed in the localized format (or locale) of your web browser (e.g. DD-MM-YYYY, MM-DD-YYYY, etc.).

Charts - Improved display of charts, including area charts, axis information and tooltips.

Tasks Screen & Gantt Screen - Copy & paste tasks is faster.

Staff - Change a staff's calendar so their working week can be set to reduced days (e.g. working 3 days a week).

Kanban Boards - Card colors are updated when moving from column to column.

Customers - Improved adding contacts for customers.

Gantt Screen - Padlock icon displayed in Gantt chart when set to read-only permissions.

Departments Screen - Faster to display the list of departments for a company or set of companies.

Permissions - Improved hiding / showing data points on all screens based on user's permissions or access policy permissions.

Home Dashboard - Search for projects based on more data points in the Project Timeline widget.

Users Screen - Copy and paste access policies when viewing list of users.

Single Sign On (SSO) Authentication - Improved handling of SSO from various SSO identity providers (IdP) such as Google, Okta and more.

ShotGrid - Improved ShotGrid connector to real-time sync more data points between Projectal and ShotGrid.

ftrack - Improved ftrack connector to real-time sync more data points between Projectal and ftrack.

Kitsu - Improved the Kitsu connector to real-time sync more data points data between Projectal and Kitsu.

Python Library - Added more functionality into Python library to support new features and improvements.

Projectal RESTful API - Added more functionality into RESTful API to support new features and improvements.

Online Documentation - Added new help topics and updated existing help topics to describe the new features and improvements.


Fixed - Over 100 issues reported from users have been fixed.