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Projectal Release Notes: Version 3.1 Changelog

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Shane Workman Dec 2, 2022


Single Sign On (SSO) LDAP / AD Support - Projectal can be connected to your company's Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or Active Directory (AD) service. This lets your staff log into Projectal using their existing login credentials used at your company, without the need for separate user IDs and passwords for Projectal. More information is available at our helpdesk.

Data Views - New functions for testing if staff, projects or tasks are active, have started or have ended. See =active(), =started() and =ended() functions when editing your data views.

Calendars - New 'Search By Country' screen allows you to search for national, state and province holidays and add them automatically into your calendars for locations and staff.

Calendars - Import and Export calendar exceptions to disk.

Gantt Charts - Dynamic tooltips displayed when hovering over tasks, moving tasks or resizing tasks. Tooltip displays start date, end date and duration of task.

Spreadsheet Mode - Summary tasks are now bolded when showing totals for easier identification.


Gantt Charts - Faster to display Gantt charts for large projects.

Gantt Charts - Press ESC key when moving or resizing a task will cancel the operation.

Data Views - Better calculation of data points for time series and time machine reports.

Data Views - Time series settings are now saved and recalled upon next usage.

Calendars - Working week allows for many time intervals for each day.

Staff Usage - Editing tasks within the Staff Usage screen updates the data points in the Staff Usage screen dynamically.

Tasks Screen - Summary tasks updated when deleting all children tasks.

Tasks Screen - Auto scheduling performance improved.

Monitor Support - Better support for higher resolution monitors.


Fixed - Over 50 issues reported from users have been fixed.