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Projectal Release Notes: Version 2.1 Changelog

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Shane Workman Jun 7, 2022


Webhooks - New APIs to view list of triggered events.

Tasks View, Gantt View, Staff Usage View - Search for multiple terms using comma separated list.

Projectal API - New Composite & Batch API added to Projectal API to allow developers to combine multiple API requests into a single request for increased performance and efficiency when syncing data between Projectal and other tools.


Staff Usage - Show only staff employed at the company for the chosen time period. View more data points.

Kanban Boards - Sort tasks by their full project and task information.

Python Client Library - Updated Python client library to match new 2.1 features.

History API - Provide epoch parameter to get history at a particular date & time.

Projectal API - Updated API documentation to match new 2.1 features.


Fixed - Over 30 issues reported from users have been fixed.