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Projectal Release Notes: Version 2.0 Changelog

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Shane Workman May 12, 2022

The JanusKS team is proud to announce Projectal version 2.0. This major new release, rolling out to customers starting today, offers exciting new features that will help studios better understand their current and future capacity & loads across their staff pool, departments and locations. Studios can now see real-time loads for departments, locations and projects, as well as head count, unders and overs, full-time equivalent (FTE) and more. Users can also create fully interactive staff usage reports and share them with the rest of the team.


Department Load - View the real-time load on your studio's departments by year, month, week and day.

Location Load - View real-time load on your studio's locations by year, month, week and day.

Unders & Overs - Get quick identification of studio, location, department and staff unders and overs for planning purposes.

Head Count (FTE) - View your studio's head count and Full Time Equivalent (FTE) requirements for planning purposes.

Project View Sharing - Studios can now create a standard set of views for Tasks, Gantt and Staff Usage, and share them with staff members across all departments.

Single Sign-On (SSO) - SSO features let users log into Projectal and their other applications via a single email address or identity. All popular SAML-based Identity Providers are including Google, Okta and OneLogin.


Home Dashboard - Improved real-time updating of dashboard when drilling down into a different company or subsidiary.

Staff Usage - New color coded display lets you easily see unders, overs and optimal loads on your studio, locations, departments and staff. Quickly view tasks belonging to staff members. Create and save your own staff usage views.

Gantt Charts - Improved handing of predecessors and lag times for tasks.

Importing - Improved handling of spreadsheets when importing bid documents, staff, tasks and projects.

File Manager - Support for displaying thumbnails when browsing files stored in Projectal's file storage.

Task Templates - Improved duplication, insertion and saving of task templates.

Security - Improved authentication and security after penetration testing. Access policy changes now prompt the user to apply changes to all affected users.

Webhooks - Added "applicationId" attribute for improved subscriber identification. Added new event subscriptions for Notes. Added wildcards for easier event subscription.

Projectal API - Updated API documentation for permission handling and all new 2.0 features.

Python Client Library - Updated Python client library to match new 2.0 features.


Fixed - Over 100 issues reported from users have been fixed.