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Projectal Release Notes: Version 1.8 Changelog

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Shane Workman Feb 24, 2022


Importing Bid Documents - More flexibility when importing different styles of client bid documents. Improved detection of tables and columns of interest. Better visual cues of tables and columns within bid documents.

Machine Learning - All ML algorithms have been tuned to produce more optimal results based on your usage and preferences within Projectal.

Data Views - Better filtering of data points of interest. Better formatting of fields when exporting data views to XLS spreadsheets.

Duplicating Projects - More project attributes are copied to new projects.

Projectal API - Improved documentation of RESTful APIs.

Python Library - Added new helper functions and improved usability and documentation of Projectal Python library.

Webhooks - More optimal notification techniques employed when webhook events are triggered. Author information now contained in webhook notification events.


Fixed - Over 50 issues reported from user testing have been fixed.