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Projectal Release Notes: Version 1.7 Changelog

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Shane Workman Feb 8, 2022


Python Client Library - The Python library for Projectal allows developers to write Python-based apps that talk directly with Projectal. This gives developers immense freedom to access all data points in Projectal and to integrate Projectal with their workflow. See


Project Costs - Cost calculations are now dynamically calculated when rebates change or tasks are removed.

Companies - Add subsidiaries, offices and partner companies under your company in Projectal so that you can add them to and manage them in projects. Drill into these companies to view their projects and staff at any time.

Importing Bid Documents - Improved support for importing more styles of customer bid documents (XLS, PDF, etc.).

Duplicating Projects, Tasks and Staff - More data points are now copied when duplicating items within Projectal.

Dashboards - Widgets on dashboards can now handle large datasets.

Data Views - Drill into more data using new fields in Projectal's visual query builder.

Files - Improved uploading user files and associating these files to projects, customers and tasks.

Notes - Improved the addition and editing of notes with tasks, projects and customers.

Projectal API and Webhooks - The RESTful API and webhooks have been improved based on customer feedback to allow developers to access all data points within Projectal.

Projectal API Documentation - Documentation for using RESTful API and webhooks has been improved to match the new features. See


Fixed - Over 50 issues reported from user testing have been fixed.