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Projectal Release Notes: Version 1.6 Changelog

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Shane Workman Dec 16, 2021

This is a major new version of Projectal containing over 200 new features, improvements and fixes as requested by our customers.


Dark Mode - Switch between light mode and dark mode at anytime depending on your work environment.

Project Timeline Widget - See all past projects, current projects and future projects in a convenient timeline on your home dashboard.

LaunchPads - Add your company's tools and applications onto your Projectal dashboards for quick access and better team collaboration. For example, add tools such as ShotGrid, Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, MS Teams, Timesheet software and more.

More Studio Data - All entities (staff, tasks, projects, resources, etc.) now have ID fields so that they can be kept in sync with your other tools like ShotGrid, HR software, payroll software, timesheet software, etc.

Partners / Offices - Add partners, subsidiaries or your company's office locations to better manage projects and staff pools.

Partners / Offices - Drill down into your partners, subsidiaries and offices to view and manage their projects and staff.

Connector - Sync staff data in real-time between BambooHR and Projectal.

Import Data Points - Import lists of staff, departments, skills, projects, tasks and resources into Projectal using external files.

Export Data Points - Export full or partial list of staff, departments, skills, projects, tasks and resources from Projectal to external files.


Task Scheduling - Improved task auto scheduling with dates, durations & constraints.

Kanban Boards - View backlog of tasks. Add tasks from backlog onto your Kanban board. Archive completed tasks off your Kanban board.

Budget vs. Actual - See more real-time financial data displayed on project dashboards.

Gantt Charts - Improved readability of tasks in timeline and better interaction with tasks on Gantt charts.

Project Bidding - Improved support for automatically ingesting more types of customer bid documents. Updated machine learning (ML) algorithms to better detect data of interest.

Staff List - View active and inactive staff employed at your company.

User Data Views - Drill into more data using new fields in Projectal's visual query builder.

Business Intelligence (BI) Charts - Improved readability and rendering of charts on all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).

Projectal API - Improved documentation and APIs for query, adding, deleting and updating entities.


Log4j - Reviewed exposure to the Log4j zero-day vulnerability and updated components within Projectal to eliminate exposure.

Fixed - Over 200 issues reported from user testing have been fixed.