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New Year, New Tools?

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Shane Workman Jan 29, 2024

The New Year is here. It's a great time for your studio to review the tools you are using for bidding, budgeting, planning, scheduling, tracking and reporting on your creative projects.

If you are still relying on spreadsheets or off-the-shelf tools, stop wasting time and money. You can do things so much better.

Now is a great time to take the leap into 2024 with Projectal. It's a new way of getting all your departments onto the same page with modern, AI-powered software. Don't worry - it works seamlessly with your other tools.

It's been designed for all types of creative businesses including Film, Streaming Providers, VFX, Virtual Production, Animation, Games, Sound, Events & Entertainment, and Ad Agencies.

Interested? Click here to learn how Projectal will work at your creative business.