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Projectal API: No More Double Entry

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Shane Workman Nov 25, 2021

Projectal's API connects with all of your studio's tools, including ShotGrid, ftrack, BambooHR, accounting, payroll, timesheets, and more...No more double entry!

In the following example, Projectal's API is importing staff update data from BambooHR:

Your studio's software developers can create client apps to connect Projectal to existing tools. Alternatively, you can delegate this task to our Projectal Professional Services team. We will analyze your existing tools and data requirements and then develop client apps to integrate Projectal into your workflow, ensuring that your critical data is always in sync and that no double entry is required.

Furthermore, Projectal webhooks enable your software tools to be notified in real time when events in Projectal occur. For example, when milestones are met, tasks are completed, staff are assigned to tasks, and so on.

By incorporating Projectal into your workflow, your staff will no longer have to enter data twice. The Projectal API can both retrieve data from and deliver project data to your existing tools. All of this can be done in real-time, ensuring that your data is always up to date.

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