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Project Privacy

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Paul Schumann Apr 9, 2021

If you are working on projects that you or your customers want to be kept confidential, then Projectal is perfect for you.

Keeping your projects and company information private and secure will always be a key principle of Projectal.

We do not want intruders or hackers viewing your project data.

We do not want to mix your projects with other companies' projects.

Put simply, your data is your data and no one else's.

Encrypted data at-rest

The first step is to make sure all your data is stored safely.

All data that you enter into Projectal is stored in encrypted form on top tier ISO 27001 certified data centers.

That means a hacker will not be able to access and understand the data stored on disk.

This greatly reduces the ability of hackers to steal data from the files and databases used in Projectal.

Secure in-transit communication

The next step is to make sure that when sending data to or from Projectal that the data cannot be seen by others.

All communication to and from Projectal is transmitted using a SSL/HTTPS connection so that data is always encrypted.

This greatly reduces hackers eavesdropping on your data using "man-in-the-middle" hacker attacks.

User Authentication and Access Policies

Finally, Projectal includes extensive user authentication and permissions handling to help you stop non-permitted access to your data.

In Projectal, you can create your own user access policies for your management team, your workers, your board, external contractors and more.

This will permit users to view and edit only the project data and company information that they are allowed to.

Data sovereignty

Data sovereignty is important when a company's data is stored outside of their country and is subject to the laws of the country in which the data resides. This can mean that the access and storage of that data is governed by that country.

You can contact us to request that your Projectal server is located in your country of preference.