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Skills Matching: The Smart Way to Manage Your Artist Pool

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Shane Workman Mar 25, 2022

As your artist pool grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage task assignments. Who is the best artist for the job? Are they available when it needs to be done? Projectal’s AI-based skills matching can answer these questions for you.

As each artist is added to Projectal as a new staff member, you also add their skills at the beginner, intermediate or expert level. As their skill set changes, you update Projectal to match. This is used to build a skills map for your entire studio.

Then, when you start managing a new project with Projectal, you simply add the skills that are required to complete the various tasks. Projectal's AI technology will then automatically rank and recommend artists, making sure the best person is assigned based on their skill set and availability.

Projectal. Finding you the right artist for the job.

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