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Projectal: Managing the Business of a VFX Studio

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Shane Workman Dec 9, 2021

Projectal is designed to run the management side of your VFX business. It's for the producers, the coordinators, the supervisors, department heads, bidding producers, and even the finance, HR, and sales teams.

Before Projectal, these members of your team had to make do with off-the-shelf tools like Excel or bespoke tools built in-house using something like FileMaker. This resulted in siloed data, a lot of guesswork, and no knowledge gained from previous projects. 

Projectal addresses this issue with advanced AI and machine learning designed to assist your studio. It's the smart way to run your VFX business, getting everyone on the same page and using the same real-time data to complete your VFX projects on time and on budget. 

See for yourself. Start a free 30-day trial today!