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Integrating Projectal Into Your Company's Workflow

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Paul Schumann Jul 13, 2021

Your company probably has existing software tools that you need to use. For example:

* HR software for your staff management and recruiting needs

* Timesheet software to record staff working hours

* Financial software for payroll, invoicing and corporate accounting

* Content creation software for creating digital content

* Asset management software for managing equipment

It is super important that Projectal is able to connect and integrate with your existing software tools so you have a seamless workflow across your company.

Projectal allows you to easily do this with the Projectal API. The Projectal API lets you integrate Projectal into your existing workflow so that it communicates with your existing tools. Any project data can be extracted from Projectal and delivered to your existing tools. And, data from your existing tools can be added into Projectal. 

In addition, Projectal webhooks allow your software tools to be notified in real time when events occur in Projectal. For example, when milestones are reached, when tasks are completed, when staff are assigned to tasks and more.

Using the Projectal API, there is no more double entry of data

By integrating Projectal into your workflow, your staff will not have to do any double entry of data. The Projectal API can retrieve data from your existing tools and deliver project data to your existing tools. All of this can be done in real-time so your data is kept in sync at all times.

Projectal is built for small, medium and large projects

Projectal has been built to take on small, medium or large large projects. It has been designed from the ground-up for 10 users, 100 users, 1,000 users or 10,000 users.

We regularly test Projectal with 10,000 projects + 1 million tasks + 10,000 staff.

When you license Projectal, we determine size of your company's needs and we set up the server hardware to ensure it scales to your needs.

We are here to help with our Professional Services team

Your company can use its own software team to create the middleware to connect Projectal using the Projectal API to your current software tools. Or, we can provide our Professional Services team to do this work for you. We will analyze your existing tools and requirements to determine what data needs to be retrieved from Projectal for your existing tools, and what data needs to be added into Projectal from your existing tools. Once analyzed, then our team will quickly create the middleware to connect Projectal into your workflow so that your key data is always in sync and no double entry is required.

Want to know more?

See to learn more about how Projectal can integrate into your company's workflow.