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The Smart Way to Run Your VFX Business

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Shane Workman Nov 11, 2021

Today, VFX studios face many project planning issues

Forced to use a mix of homegrown tools and off-the-shelf software to manage VFX projects, studios find data being siloed in departments and never used again. Staff have little visibility. Bidding is mostly guesswork. Endless meetings are needed to keep tasks on track. This causes huge inefficiencies across teams and regularly puts profit margins at risk.

Projectal fixes these issues with a new 'whole of studio' approach

Projectal brings all your VFX studio's data, projects and staff together for maximum efficiency and visibility. Projectal has features to bid, plan, schedule, track and deliver projects. It also helps manage your staff pool. Projectal uses extensive AI and machine learning technologies to learn from past projects, make recommendations, capture heuristics and more.

Once adopted, Projectal quickly transforms your VFX studio by getting everyone on the same page, working off the same real-time data to deliver projects on time and on budget. All staff and departments in your studio benefit - including Head of Studio, Finance, HR and Recruiting, Sales / Bidding Producers, Head of Production, Executive Producers, VFX Supervisors, VFX Coordinators, Production Managers, Production Coordinators and Artists.

Projectal also connects to all the tools commonly used by your VFX studio - including ShotGrid, ftrack, HR, accounting, payroll and timesheet software, and more. All data is kept up-to-date in real time with no double-entry required.

Get your VFX team on the same page with Projectal

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