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Get the Bigger Picture with Project Timelines

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Paul Schumann Sep 14, 2021

Projectal's Project Timelines features is simply the best way to visualize your company's past projects, current projects and future projects.

The new Project Timeline widget is now available in the latest version of Projectal. This dashboard widget lets you instantly see all your past projects, current projects and future projects in a monthly timeline with infinite scrolling. Simply scroll the timeline to the left or right to see past projects, current projects and future projects. The Project Timeline widget can handle 1000's of projects.

You can customize the timeline so you can see the key attributes about projects - such as project name, customer name, project status, milestones and project progress.

You can resize the widget to fit your screen and dashboard. It works on your desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

All the key information at a glance

Hover over projects in the Project Timeline widget to see key project information - including project name, customer name, start date, end date, progress, status, budgeted costs and actual costs. All projects are color-coded based on their progress.

Milestones are shown using small notch indicators in the projects. Hover over these notches to see the key information about milestones.

Smart filtering

Filter the list of projects by customer name, project name and more.  

Filter the list of projects by their progress. For example, list only projects that have not yet started, or are 100% complete, or are in progress.

Want to know more?

See to learn more about how Projectal can help you improve the way your company runs their projects.