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Games Studios: Add a New Level to your Business, not just your Games.

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Shane Workman Mar 14, 2024

Introducing Projectal. It's something new for games studios. It's not generative AI, a games engine or yet another technology to enhance your games development. It's all about helping you to run your games business. (That may sound a tad boring to you, but hang in thereā€¦!)

We know creating games is fun, but we also know running a games business is hard. Projectal is a brand new tool to make the business part easier, allowing you to focus on the fun part: creating games!

Right now, you are working on great games titles, have a fantastic team and are super busy with the year ahead. Your studio is probably using development tools like Jira or Perforce. But do you know how your studio is performing? Can you easily scenario plan for the next 6-12 months? Do you have the capacity to take on a new project? Are all the reports you need instantly available? Are you relying on spreadsheets and manual work to keep up-to-date?

Add Projectal into your toolset and immediately add a new level to your business, not just your games.

Improve the Daily Grind

If you are a typical games studio, then you are probably using all sorts of spreadsheets and off-the-shelf tools for planning, managing and tracking your staff, departments, locations and projects. This daily work is probably regarded as the most annoying part of running your business.

With Projectal, you can replace these spreadsheets and off-the-shelf tools. No more copy & paste. No more manual entry. No more collecting and compiling weekly reports. You get interactive dashboards that give you an overview of the key metrics of your business. All data is presented in real-time with AI-based recommendations, charts and BI. You can drill down into your projects, departments, locations, subsidiaries, outsourced partners and much more. You can create interactive reports and track financials. You can make plans for upcoming projects and see if you have capacity.

Staff Planning the Smart Way

Most games studios have a central resourcing spreadsheet for managing staff. Using these to keep track of your staff bookings and assignments is a painful and tedious task.

Projectal knows about all your staff, their start dates, end dates and holidays. It knows what projects and tasks your staff are working on and what skills they have.

Projectal's staff planning features let you book staff onto projects, then alerts you when scheduling conflicts occur. Capacity planning features tell you how many staff you need for your upcoming projects and how many freelancers you need to hire.

Projectal syncs with your HR tools for real-time updates when new staff join, leave or take holidays.

Get the Big Picture about your Projects

You studio may be using development tools like Jira or Perforce. These products are great, but getting the key metrics about your projects and business from them is hard.

Adding Projectal into your toolset gives your management team the "helicopter view" of your projects. They can fully understand the key metrics and drill into the financials, progress reports, task alerts, milestones and more. Projectal syncs with the development tools above to provide real-time information about projects as your developers and artists work on your games.

Reporting just got Easier

Need to produce regular reports for management, clients or publishers? This can take a ton of your time to collect all the data, copy & paste it into spreadsheets or Power BI and push out the required reports.

Projectal lets you create as many reports as you like about any aspect of your studio - including projects, tasks, milestones, departments, staffing, locations, subsidiaries, financials and much more. Reports in Projectal are fully customizable and interactive. Add charts and BI for better data analysis. View data over specified time periods to see changes in your business. Export reports for sharing or use with other tools.

Got Existing Tools? Let's get Connected!

Projectal has connectors for popular tools like Jira, Perforce, Shotgrid, ftrack, BambooHR, Workday, and many others. That means Projectal syncs all your data in real-time with your developer tools, artist tools, HR tools, financial tools and more. You get to see your data immediately with no more copy & paste or manual entry.

Projectal also has a full API, Python library and developer documentation to get all types of data in and out of it. Our Integration team creates connectors for you, or you can create your own.

Want to Know More?

Visit our Games Solutions page for more details and to arrange a demonstration of Projectal.