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Connector Spotlight: Xero

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Shane Workman Mar 9, 2023

Sync your employee data from Xero to Projectal with our free connector

Xero is the Accounting & HR software of choice for many creative studios. Projectal users rely on Xero to manage their employee data.

With the Projectal / Xero connector, you can link Projectal and Xero easily. The connector uses the Projectal API, webhooks and Python library to update Projectal with employee data from Xero in real time. This way, you can keep track of any staffing changes at your creative studio and plan your projects and staffing needs accurately.

Customize the data mapping between Xero and Projectal

The Xero connector is very flexible and can easily be customized to fit your specific needs. Here are some of the data points that you can sync from Xero to Projectal in real-time:

  • Staff name, email address and contact details
  • Staff employment dates (Start Date, Termination Date)
  • Staff contract details (Start Date, Finish Date, Job / Task Allocation)
  • Staff title (Head of Department, Supervisor, Coordinator, etc.)
  • Staff pay rates and pay schedules (Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, etc.)
  • Staff employment type (Full time, Contractor, Freelance, etc.)
  • Staff holidays and non-working days


The Xero connector is ready for use for all Projectal customers at no extra cost. Our Integration team will help you set it up according to your preferences and install it so that it syncs automatically with your Projectal.

Contact us directly to get started.