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Connector Spotlight: Kitsu

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Shane Workman Jul 14, 2023

Real-time syncing between Projectal and Kitsu - an open source collaboration and production tracking platform.

Kitsu is an open source task and asset management tool from the team at CGWire. It helps artists in VFX, animation and games studios keep track of their digital assets, review their work and complete their tasks. Creative studios can now dynamically sync data between Kitsu and Projectal to better manage their project and task workflow.

The Projectal Integration team has developed a connector that links Projectal and Kitsu seamlessly. The connector uses the Projectal API, webhooks and Python libraries to sync projects, tasks and staff assignments between Projectal and Kitsu in real time. This ensures that your Projectal and Kitsu data is always updated with any changes in your project scope, task status and staff availability. This enables you to bid, budget, plan, schedule and track your projects and staff accurately in Projectal, whilst your artists use Kitsu for their task and asset management.

Matching data between Kitsu and Projectal

The Kitsu connector from Projectal is highly adaptable and can be tailored to fit your studio’s unique Kitsu configuration and workflow. Real-time, two-way synchronization of the following data is possible between Kitsu and Projectal:

  • Project details such as name, description, status, dates and task breakdown
  • Task details including name, description, dates, duration, ETC, actual work effort, staff assignments and status
  • Task breakdown and hierarchy, including assets, asset types, episodes, sequences, shots and other breakdowns
  • Staff assignments to tasks including name, email and work effort to date
  • Task status values such as ready, in progress, client review, completed and change requests
  • Task order from first to last
  • Task notes including artist notes, producer notes and client notes

Sync Data in Real-Time

Our Kitsu connector uses the webhook functionality present in both Projectal and Kitsu to allow real-time syncing between the two tools. This means that whenever you make a change, your Projectal and Kitsu are automatically updated. There will be no more manual processes, spreadsheets, or data duplication. For example, changes made to a task in Kitsu by an artist are automatically synced into Projectal. And, when a Production team member assigns an artist to a task in Projectal, then the artist is immediately allocated and notified in Kitsu.

Staging Features

Typically, you may not want to add projects from Projectal into Kitsu when they are still in the early stages of bidding, budgeting or planning. Our connector lets you customize your workflow so that only the projects that have been awarded are transferred to Kitsu. This is a useful way of managing your projects as they go through the initial stages of bidding, budgeting and planning, and then turn them over to Production (and Kitsu) when awarded.


All Projectal customers can use the Kitsu connector for free. Our Integration team will help you to set it up according to your requirements, and install it for you so that your Projectal and Kitsu are always in sync.

Contact us directly to discuss how to get make the most from Projectal and Kitsu at your studio.