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Are Your Projects Profitable? Projectal has the Insights

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Shane Workman Dec 22, 2021

Prior to Projectal, profit margins for VFX or Animation studios were easily eroded when projects and staff were not effectively managed, particularly with cost-plus pricing. The usage of off-the-shelf software or cumbersome, homegrown tools simply added to the problem.

Projectal was built from the ground up to address these issues by gathering all project data and alerting you on how your work is progressing. Budget vs. actuals, deliverables, and milestones are all displayed in real time on intuitive dashboards.

After you enter your project's awarded costs, Projectal keeps track of your planned and actual costs (in both gross and net form, with or without rebates applied) from the shot, task, asset, or sequence levels, all the way up to the project level.

When a project is finished, Projectal allows you to review the entire history to see what went right and what went wrong. This post-mortem data reveals the gold nuggets of information that will help you manage future projects more effectively.

Projectal has the insights to make your next project a profitable one.