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The 3 Ways Projectal Will Help You Win Your Next Animation Project

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Shane Workman Nov 18, 2021

1. Turn around bids in days, not weeks

Projectal has many time-saving features that significantly reduce the time it takes for animation studios to bid on a project. These include the automatic import of customer bid documents and Machine Learning (ML) technology that intelligently detect fields of interest. Bidding producers can quickly change key factors in a proposal to better fit to a customer's requirements or to achieve a better outcome for the studio.

2. Harness the historical data from previous projects

Heuristics are one of the many innovative AI technologies included in Projectal. Heuristics are snippets of knowledge that can be reused for more accurate bidding. For example, Projectal can capture an experienced animation professional's knowledge as they describe the typical tasks, approximate durations, complexities, and skills required for a specific shot, effect, or character. Once captured, bidding producers can use these snippets and have complete confidence that they have considered all factors when bidding on future projects.

3. Take guesswork out of the equation

In the past, bidding producers relied on Excel spreadsheets that were a combination of guesstimates and magic formulas. Projectal replaces spreadsheets with extensive bidding features that enable producers to quickly run "what-if" scenarios to see how changing various factors impact the time and costs on a project bid. Using actuals from previous projects and studio heuristics, guesswork is removed from the equation.

No more guesstimates! Projectal will help win your next animation project

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